Eclipse Signature ESG-IPS425X 4 MP Starlight HD IP IR PTZ Camera
Eclipse Signature ESG-IPS425X 4 MP Starlight HD IP IR PTZ Camera

Eclipse Signature ESG-IPS425X 4 MP Starlight HD IP IR PTZ Camera


Eclipse Signature ESG-IPS425X 4 MP Starlight HD IP IR PTZ Camera

New Product - Available January 2022
Eclipse CCTV
  • Resolution: 4MP
  • Lens: 4.8 ~ 120mm (30x optical zoom)
  • Infrared Distance: 328ft
  • Power: DC12V(±25%, 3A), PoE+(IEEE 802.3at)
  • Download Specs: ESG-IPS425X - Specifications
  • Download Manual: IPC Manual
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Our new Eclipse ESG-IPS425X PTZ offers auto-tracking with true day/night technology.  The ESG-IPS425X offers perimiter protection with face detection. The ESG-IPS425X comes in a small form factor which is smaller in size when compared to standard PTZ cameras, this makes for an esthetically pleasing installation that is barely noticeable. 

Key areas that need to be monitored 24hrs a day due to vandalism, crime, or trespassing can be easily monitored with the ESG-IPS425X. The ESG-IPS425X can quickly notify you of trespassers, intruders, or loiterers when they enter a restricted area. Quickly draw a square around the area of concern and the PTZ will automatically detect any human that enters the restricted space and set off a push notification alert. The applications for the IESG-IPS425X are endless. 

If an area is too dark the ESG-IPS425X will take advantage of its smart and powerful infrared LEDs with an IR range of 328 feet.



Having Auto Tracking is like having a 24hr guard watching over your cameras. The ESG-IPS425X follows potential intruders or trespassers. The camera will automatically move when it detects a moving object or person and follows them wherever they go. This keeps the event front and center while recording. 



False alarms are easily mitigated with our Eclipse Human Body Detection. When activated the ESG-IPS425X will only trip the alarm and/or strobe light when it detects a human body. Previous things that tripped standard motion detection such as birds, shadows, and even wind, are no longer of concern.



The Eclipse ESG-IPS425X PTZ  offers a 360° pan and a 90° tilt for ultra-wide security coverage. As with our larger PTZ cameras, the ESG-IPS425X also offers up to 1024 pan and tilt presets which can be called via our mobile phone app, PC, or directly from our NVRs. You even have the option of assigning 16 routes.



The ESG-IPS425X offers a Motorized Varifocal Lens, with a range of 4.8mm to 120mm. This will allow you to have a wide field of view while also providing you the ability to zoom in to objects that need more clarity.

Control the Motorized Varifocal Lens manually with our mobile app, PC browser, or an Eclipse NVR. Take advantage of the optical zoom with a tight view at 52.20° or see a wide shot using the 2.74° wide-angle field of view.



The ESG-IPS425X offers a weatherproof Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67. This rating means the camera is protected from dust and other solid particles. It can also withstand powerful streams of water jets from any direction.

This camera is meant to be installed outdoors and you can be assured that the ESG-IPS425X will perform as needed when deployed. 



Use the available audio inputs and outputs on the ESG-IPS425X PTZ to communicate with visitors, family members, coworkers, friends, or even trespassers. Simply add a thrid party microphone and speakers to add 2 way audio.



Besides offering night technology, the ESG-IPS425X also boasts powerful onboard infrared LED lights. Invisible to the naked eye the camera's IR filter uses infrared lighting to see in complete darkness up to 328ft.


The ESG-IPS425X is offered in 4 megapixels @ 30 FPS. Using HD resolution is perfect for this model as the optical motor zoom lens allows you to zoom into objects as needed without distorting video due to digital zoom. 



Our Eclipse Signature series offers a simple plug & play installation. Installing a Signature system could not be easier. Simply connect the ESG-IPS425X directly to our Eclipse Signature POE NVRs and the camera will automatically begin transmitting video onto your HDMI-connected monitor.  You can take advantage of our mobile apps, desktop apps, and PC software to quickly access your cameras using our USA-based P2P server that quickly connects your devices. 



Accessing your cameras could not be easier when using our Eclipse Signature cameras. Our USA-based P2P servers allow you to easily manage and view all your devices from one account. No need to open ports or deal with router settings. Simply add your device to your Eclipse View account using a QR code in the camera's main menu. Once the camera is on your account you can use our free mobile and PC apps to view your cameras from anywhere in the world. 



Eclipse IP cameras offer full ONVIF compatibility and can easily be added to existing surveillance systems that also support ONVIF. All our Eclipse IP cameras comply with  Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) protocols. As long as the existing VMS software or recorder is ONVIF compatible, you’ll be able to set this camera up with your current system.




Our Eclipse Signature camera offers a built-in Micro-SD slot that supports up to 256GB of memory. This allows you to directly record on the camera. You can perform playback directly from your browser, mobile phone, or using our CMS computer software.  SD storage can also act as a backup to NVR recordings in the event your NVR is damaged, stolen, or vandalized. 



Eclipse Signature products are UL listed under the Eclipse brand, not a 3rd party manufacturer. Install our products with confidence knowing our products meet the stringent UL listing process. 


Use our built-in analytics to further your surveillance recordings and playback. This model offers Crossline Detection, Intrusion Detection, Object Removed. Object Left Behind, Defocus, Scene Change and Human Body Detection. These analytics allow for quick video searching based on events as they occur.


Our Eclipse is compliant with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). This means this product may be used and installed in all United States government properties. This camera meets all requirements and offers the latest in surveillance technology.


This Eclipse Signature camera offers the latest in Color at Night technology. The camera offers video recording in color even when it's dark, giving you better image quality and the ability to see more detail. In the event there is not enough light the camera will automatically change to black and white mode to ensure the best possible picture no matter the lighting condition. 


This model offers face detection. Use the browser or NVR to capture faces that enter the camera's video field of view. Snapshot images can be stored on the camera's SD card or on our Eclipse Signature NVRs to quickly find individuals during an event. 

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