HD-TVI, High Definition Transport Video Interface

Posted by Nathan Baker on 5/23/2016 to HD-TVI
High definition transport video interface, or HD-TVI, is one of the most exciting new surveillance camera technologies in the consumer market today. While high definition surveillance has been available for some time with IP cameras and HD analog cameras, both technologies have drawbacks that have prevented widespread consumer adoption. TVI technology is simple and eliminates confusion, and is often compatible with the infrastructure already in place.

What is HD-TVI

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2015 to HD-TVI

HD-TVI also known as High-Definition Transport Video is the most recent in HD technology. HD-TVI solutions can transmit zero latency and both 720p or 1080p HD video with a standard coaxial cable up to 1600’. HD-TVI “tri-brid” recorders are compatible with all HD-TVI cameras, all analog, and supported IP cameras, on any channel and in any configuration.

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