Using “PTZ Link” functionality for advanced system design

Posted by Ernesto Vazquez on 1/19/2017 to Learning Center
Using “PTZ Link” functionality for advanced system design
Using “PTZ Link” functionality for advanced system design

    Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras have been a staple of the surveillance industry for decades. With their ability to zoom in or out, and the ease with which they can be physically re-oriented in real time, these high-tech cameras are used daily by security personnel all over the globe to keep eyes on moving targets, and are the go-to solution for monitoring broad, dynamic scenes. While having live operators on staff is undoubtedly one of the more sure fire ways to maximize system efficacy, today we will discuss how to take advantage of our PTZ Link feature to create a self-directing, intelligent monitoring platform.

The importance of UL listed products and why we chose to make our Signature products UL.

Posted by Frankie Cordova on 1/19/2017 to News
The importance of UL listed products and why we chose to make our Signature products UL.
Like most  IT devices similar to wifi switches, access points and VOIP phones, IP-based security cameras come under (NEC) National Electrical Code sections that are applicable as (LPS) Limited Power Source equipment since they get powered directly from location that is central or source by way of Po

HD-TVI, High Definition Transport Video Interface

Posted by Nathan Baker on 5/23/2016 to HD-TVI
High definition transport video interface, or HD-TVI, is one of the most exciting new surveillance camera technologies in the consumer market today. While high definition surveillance has been available for some time with IP cameras and HD analog cameras, both technologies have drawbacks that have prevented widespread consumer adoption. TVI technology is simple and eliminates confusion, and is often compatible with the infrastructure already in place.

Personal Surveillance Systems and Portable CCTV Products

Posted by Nathan Baker on 3/9/2016 to News

The military uses them to monitor missions and troop movements. Athletes use them for training. Tourists, performance artists, video bloggers and podcasters love them. What are they? Personal surveillance systems, of course.

Personal surveillance relies on portable battery powered CCTV cameras. While these devices come in many sizes and shapes, they fall into two basic categories. Body cameras are usually worn on a helmet, hat or lapel, and mostly monitor things happening in front of the user. External cameras, the second category, record the user and the surrounding area. Both technologies make records of the user's interactions with other people.

AHD Cameras, What are they?

Posted by Admin on 11/30/2015 to AHD
A quick look at AHD security camera technology.

What is HD-TVI

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2015 to HD-TVI

HD-TVI also known as High-Definition Transport Video is the most recent in HD technology. HD-TVI solutions can transmit zero latency and both 720p or 1080p HD video with a standard coaxial cable up to 1600’. HD-TVI “tri-brid” recorders are compatible with all HD-TVI cameras, all analog, and supported IP cameras, on any channel and in any configuration.

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