Personal Surveillance Systems and Portable CCTV Products

Posted by Nathan Baker on 3/9/2016 to News

The military uses them to monitor missions and troop movements. Athletes use them for training. Tourists, performance artists, video bloggers and podcasters love them. What are they? Personal surveillance systems, of course.

Personal surveillance relies on portable battery powered CCTV cameras. While these devices come in many sizes and shapes, they fall into two basic categories. Body cameras are usually worn on a helmet, hat or lapel, and mostly monitor things happening in front of the user. External cameras, the second category, record the user and the surrounding area. Both technologies make records of the user's interactions with other people.

Did the 4K Ultra-HD Wave Already Crest?

Posted by Nathan Baker on 3/8/2016

The promised land of ultra-high definition lies beyond the domain of 1080P video camera technology, but consumers are already getting a taste of the super-clear images that Ultra HD provides, and they like it. Why not? The field of view is larger, and the high frame rate and resolution of 4K video allows images to be magnified without noticeable blurring. Cinematographers have been shooting in 4K for more than a decade. Judging by the reaction to Sony's latest 4K camcorder debuted at last year's consumer electronics show (CES 2015), the camcorder market is ready now. Why aren't 4K surveillance cameras everywhere?

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